Furniture in Malta: An Overview

Maltese are well known for being fond of their homes which also means that furniture is highly on demand locally. In recent years, gypsum made furniture in Malta has increased in popularity. That said, wooden furniture is still a strong favourite across the islands. Over the years, there has been an evolution on the furniture that is available in Malta. Up until around 20 to 30 years ago it was quite common to have furniture manufactured locally. Both self-employed carpenters and major furniture shops produced furniture locally. Nowadays the trend has changed. Almost all the major brands import furniture from other countries whilst self-employed carpenters are on the decrease. That said, it is not all about imported furniture as you may read further below.

Furniture in Malta

Furniture Shops in Malta

You may find plenty of furniture shops in Malta that sell different styles of furniture. As mentioned above, the majority import the furniture they sell from various countries. Apart from obvious countries such as Italy and Germany, there are furniture shops that also import furniture from countries outside of Europe. Some examples would be Indonesia, Mexico and India. In Malta you may find a wide range of furniture both for residential and commercial properties. Some shops specialize in budget or cheap furniture to cater for everyone’s pocket.

Furniture for residential properties is available in many styles such as modern furniture, classic furniture, rustic furniture and much more. Whilst historically furniture was mainly a shade of brown, nowadays there are plenty of colors to choose from. In contrast to before, today furniture shops typically sell furniture for all the rooms in a home. Before it was quite common to have furniture shops that specialised. For example, there were furniture shops that sold only kitchen furniture and others selling only bedroom furniture. Most of these, if not all, have expanded their product line to pitch themselves as a one stop shop from which clients may purchase all their home furniture from their shop.

Loose furniture in Malta is very popular and it is sold across different types of shops. As well as furniture shops, home stores also sell loose furniture. Some examples of such home stores are Zara Home and Butlers.

Outdoor furniture has also become very popular with a wide variety of garden furniture being available both in wood and plastic. Many Maltese properties enjoy outdoor space such as yards, roof tops and spacious balconies. That together with the warm climate Malta enjoys leads to a popularity in outdoor/garden furniture.

Carpenters in Malta

Carpenters in Malta

Furniture shops are not the only way to purchase furniture, there are still carpenters on the island that work custom furniture for clients. Carpenters provide the flexibility of having furniture manufactured according to the needs of the client, both in terms of styles and dimensions. Taking this route means that you’ll have a waiting time to get your furniture, for two reasons. The first reason is obvious, the furniture has to be manufactured and that will take some months. The second reason, is that carpenters are becoming harder to find hence you’ll have to check their availability of when they can start working on your project.

For those that are more adventurous in Malta one may find furniture shops that restore old/unwanted furniture (also known as recyclable furniture) and convert it into shabby chic furniture. Interest in shabby chic furniture is picking up in Malta. An advantage of buying furniture from these shops is that customize the piece of furniture to the needs of the customer.

Bargain Furniture

For those that are looking for cheaper or bargain furniture, it is also possible to buy second hand furniture. These are not found in furniture shops but may be found online for sale on various local Facebook groups and on multiple auction sites. The most popular auction site that sells second hand furniture is MaltaPark.

Office Furniture

Office furniture in Malta is also very popular, both for home offices and offices in commercial properties. As with home furniture, a wide variety of office furniture may be found in Malta, as most furniture shops have expanded their operation to include office furniture in their product line. Actually, office furniture in Malta is available in a wider range of colors.

Importing Furniture

All the above mentioned buying furniture from Malta based shops or entities. That said, recently it has become very popular with individuals to import furniture from abroad. Buyers choose what furniture to buy from abroad and then use the services of a company to get their items shipped to their door. When this takes place, furniture is bought from another EU country, with Sicily, Italy being the most popular option with the Maltese.

Antique Furniture

Antique furniture is an expensive niche that attracts the interest of a smaller pool of people. It is very popular with owners of Townhouses and House of Characters. Maltese antique furniture is mostly found for sale at auction houses. This means that the price of such pieces is not fixed but depends on the level of interest.

We do hope that you have enjoyed this overview about furniture in Malta and we look forward to hear your feedback and any questions you may have.

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